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Need 1 more Owner 12 team 0.5ppr/2 keeper/FAAB/$50 leaguesafe


Needing 1 more owner for 12 Team 0.5PPR Keeping up to 2 league. $50 buy in. Cannot draft without payment in place. Near identical Footballer preferred settings.
Leave email for invite to be sent.
Questions are welcome.


iam in if it hasnt filled up. kingpush91@yahoo.com


Ok, Cirez91. I’ll be sending out invites on Sunday


Needing one more at the moment


Looking for active owners


I’m interested if you got a spot open. Very active. kickn1717@gmail.com


yeah I had one more. I’m hoping to send out invites later tonight


I sent out a league invite to you


Looking for 2 more active owners


what are the keeper rules. Do they count as your 1st 2 picks or do they have a value based on them per where they will be drafted?


Keeper will have a 3 round penalty in the next years draft. If drafted in 14th rnd, the player kept will be your 11th rnd pick next year. 3 yr max starting once a player is designated a keeper. A free agent will be considered a 6th rnd pick resulting in giving up 3rd rnd the next year. The 3 year cost to keep eliminates 1st thru 3rd rnd picks from being designated Keepers.


I’m interested if any more spots open. brucejedelmanjr@gmail.com


I’ll send an invite after work


Need to fill 1 spot. People struggle to commit these days


Let me know if there’s a spot;



Just sent invite


Anymore open spots?


Huskyswagger https://community.thefantasyfootballers.com/u/huskyswagger
Huskyswagger https://community.thefantasyfootballers.com/u/huskyswagger #FootClan
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August 19

Anymore open spots?
Yes, I was full, but a member just dropped out last night. What’s your


Had a footclan member drop out unexpectedly. Needing one more owner to fill league!