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Need 1 more owner for 1 ppr league


I’m using espn but I decided to reach out to the ffballers forums because I’ve almost completely ran out of reliable people to ask to be an owner of my 12 owner, 1 ppr league. Just need 1 more!! please help, draft is in 2 weeks! Also ive been listening to the ffballers for 2 years! no stranger to the ways of the ballers!


I’ll play.



Is there a buy into the league?


it’s $20 buy-in. The draft date is August 31 at 3:30pm, on a thursday. I know it’s an odd time for a draft but most of the league is meeting up at bdubs for the draft


yes… $20 winner-take-all. But the other people I’m playing with are my coworkers and a lot of them are first timers to fantasy.


Is the spot still open? I’m interested


give me till Sunday. I’m going to talk to one more guy local I know. if he doesn’t by it, it’s yours


Sounds good, let me know.


hey still intrested?


Have you gotten anyone yet? I’m in


it’s $20 buy-in, can you do a week day draft time


Yes! How are we going to pay for the league?


I just want to make sure I can because I live in Arizona, and I know that
I can’t do daily fantasy stuff because of laws here.


I’m new to recruiting people online so I’ll hold off awhile on the buy-in and figure it out later, but I’ll gladly send an invite to you and get you in


Sounds good… worst case scenario I can send you $20 to put in the pot for


yeah but we can take care of it later. you okay with the draft date and time?


I will be at work, but will try to make it work… What time zone are you?


eastern standard time. I’m in Kentucky. So the draft will start for you at 12:30pm


That works better then, I’ll take my lunch at 12:30


sweet. got an email I can send the invite, you can just message it to me off here so you don’t have to keep coming back to this thread