Need 1 player to Fill 12 team 1/2 point ppr start up Keeper/Money league

Entree $50 , 12 team startup keeper league on ESPN . 1 spot left to fill experience and dedicated players prefered post email address , contact number, years playing fanasty , and # of leagues you are in .

I’m interested. 5years exp. in 3 other leagues. Located in Canada (bonjour) email me at

Sounds like a great I will be send u a invite asap.

What’s a good contact number and ur name please

When u get a chance can you join with invite and on group me , thanks and once again welcome to league.

Hey you still have not join league can you please go ahead and join and join group me also. Thanks.

Really why even submit a post if your not interested

what are some details? how many keepers?
i’d like to know before i commit

Im interested if that guy wont reply, and i already have group me lol

5 years playing, 3 other leagues currently

Sorry I already replace team but I can put u on waiting list if a spot comes open.
Details on league…

Looking for active (and preferably experienced) owners to fill open spots in Start up 12 team Keeper ppr league . Committed ppl please , preferred Footclan scoring system . Please send email or contact info if interested trying to get filled by Sat. $50 entry fee custom keep rules more apon request.

Keeper League Draft Order
Your first year draft order will be randomly determined and should follow the snake order, Following-year draft order will reward the worst teams in the first two rounds: The worst team will get the first pick of round one and first pick of round two. After the first and second rounds are complete, round three will start the snake draft. So, the champion of the league would get the last pick in rounds one and two and the first pick in round three.

Each team can keep up to 3 players , any player drafted after round 2 can be keep. All 1st and 2nd round drafted will be placed back in draft pool each each. Any player keep cost a 2 round ahead where they were drafted the year before. Any undrafted player keep cost a 10 round pick. Keepers can only be kept max 3 years. Any dropped player can not be kept.

sounds good, lmk if it opens up