Need 10pts tonight

Playing in 1pt PPR DFS league and have two available slots to swap and only need 10 pts to win the week.

My options are:
(1) Engram @ TE and Dionte Johnson (Pit WR) in my flex;
(2) Fant and Melvin Gordon; or
(3) Vance McDonald (2nd TE for Pit) & Conner

I’m personally leaning toward option #3 figuring Conner will get me 10 pts as the main featured back. What are your thoughts?

Fant could see some action with Sutton most likely sidelined, and Conner looks like he could be in for a big week. Engram is a good option to but not sure how much hes going to be utilized. My last option would be Johnson who could have some nice upside. If it were up to me i would go Fant and Conner

Can’t afford to mix and match the different options…maxed out on salary. Otherwise I agree with you analysis

Oh my bad, if you are wanting to choose the safe option then yes the Conner Vance stack would probably be the safest. You can expect conner to get a decent workload.

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