Need 11.5 points tonight

I need some encouragement guys. I need 11.5 points for Chris Godwin tonight in a full ppr league. Do you think I am getting that W tonight or am I screwed?

It’s possible, I think it will be close. I wouldn’t say you’re screwed at all but you may need a TD for him to reach that number. He wouldn’t have hit 11.5 points in either of the first 2 weeks without getting in the endzone. Good thing is he has been targeted frequently down there and did score TDs in each of those games. Best of luck


I’m in the same boat, except its a bit safer as I need Mike Evans to get 12. I think its definitely possible, just watch every second of the game for good luck.

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I would be very surprised if Evans doesn’t get 12 points in a full PPR

Mine was a head to head heads up. opponent up by1 pt. We had only BRADY and FITzmagic fighting each other. brady crapped the bed, its fitz time today! need to get atleast 9 pts from fitz!

Need 3 for 29 yards or 2 for 39 yards from Godwin tonight. Would be very unhappy if that didn’t come true

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5 catches for 65 yards? Definitely possible. You’re pretty much a lock if he finds the endzone.

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I hope he gets me the points I swapped him and Crowder last minute Sunday, trying to go with the guy who I figured was going to play in the higher scoring game and of course Crowder went on to put up 14 points on 4 targets

Infuriating call back.

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As a Godwin owner this has been a roller coaster ride.

Targeted on one of the first passes of the game and he almost gets his head taken off. Scared he was gonna be out.

Then he fumbles.

Just misses a TD catch.

And then that 57 yard TD catch called back.

As I’m typing this he pretty much dropped another TD pass.

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There ya go!

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Oh man, did you lose by 0.1?

HELL YEAH!!! What a roller coaster! Had me super nervous all game. Ended up pulling out a victory by 5 points thanks to that 4th quarter TD. It’s things like this that make fantasy football so fun

No man I won, thankfully it was full point ppr

My bro is in my league and he had Evans and his opponent Juju. He finally pulled ahead on Evans touchdown late and then his opponent took the lead back on Ben’s last pass of the game. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!

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