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Need 13 points from Julio Jones tonight


Standard scoring, im doing by 12,8 points with jj to play. He doesnt get touchdowns, so i need 130 yards from him against a good secondary.
What are my odds of winning the matchup?


I’d say you have a 60% chance. There is always the chance for a td too.


if he gets a td go play the mega millions


He has to get one eventually right? It’s not like julio is going to go the rest of his career without a td.


there is always a chance but with 3 tds last year and him not being targeted since week1 in the redzone It’s highly unlikely. But there is always a chance. 130 yards from julio is not hard tho. He always seems to light it up even without tds


He HAS to get a TD at some point. Even OBJ got one already! I like his chance to get the yardage, not saying 100% but I agree with 60%…

I need 20 points out of Matty Ice, but my league’s scoring is a little crazy and Mitch scored over 60 points in his 6 TD week… Wentz scored over 30 in our system yesterday with bonus points for long plays, ETC…


well, thank to Julio “doesnt exist in the redzone and also likes to fumble” Jones, i lost my matchup


Matty Ice won huge for me. We get points for first downs, and not just runners/receivers but passers too on passing plays, and also QB’s get points for completions and get long play bonuses. Matty Ice helped me slaughter as scored around 38 points from him…