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Need 15 points to win


I am down 116 to 101 and have one player left to play. Would you trust Tyreek Hill to put up >15 points against the redskins? Rob Kelley is my other option. I am 90% on starting Tyreek but is Rob Kelley’s floor high enough that i should consider the possibility that i could rely on him to get me at least 15? “Questionable” Rob Kelley v. Chiefs or Tyreek v. Josh Norman and the redskins. Like I said, i lean strongly toward Tyreek, but I’d like to hear some other thoughts on the matter.


I would feel good about Hill. Thompson is the guy in WAS


Thompson is definetly not the guy in Washington :joy: But rob may not have as safe as a floor as usual this week because of his injury. Hill is definetly the play here


Yea I agree that Thompson isn’t the guy in Washington, they’re limiting his workload and Kelley was running great in that game till he got hurt. But yea, his injury is the real determining factor for me