Need 2 for flex Parker, Watkins, Diggs or Kupp

Please help me figure out my 2 flex spots. Thank you!

Diggs and Kupp… the Steelers secondary is extremely overrated… They look impressive against a rookie Browns QB and all of a sudden “THE STEEL CURTAIN IS BACK!!”?? I don’t think so… Diggs should feast again assuming that Bradford isn’t a surprise “Out” at the last minute… and I just like Kupp… Parker has a much tougher match up even with Verrett out but he still has the assumed higher upside… if you absolutely need a home run then I’d go with Parker… otherwise Kupp should have a solid floor… he’s quickly becoming Goff’s security blanket.

Probably Diggs and Kupp for me. Diggs for sure. I’d consider Parker, but it’s not a great matchup. Watkins isn’t in the picture for me until I see something between him and Goff.

At the start of that Indy game Goff was feeding Watkins. I thought I made a terrible mistake playing Kupp in DFS but then out of nowhere Goff just stopped targeting Watkins altogether… I’m not arguing with anything you said I’m just thinking out loud. I think Watkins could become something by the end of the season… just not right now

No worries. You may be right. I need to see more before I trust him.

Thank you both! I was wondering the same things between Parker and Kupp…still thinking that Kupp could be better than Parker this week due to the matchup as well. You have both made me think things through a little more!

Parker & Diggs IF! Bradford starts, keep an eye on it if Bradford doesn’t start Parker & Kupp

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Diggs gets a lot less uncertain if Bradford sits, which seems very possible.

Now Bradford is out! Dilemmas!