NEED 2 MORE! Startup Dynasty League Draft tonight at 8:30 EST($50 buy in first year)

Saw a similar league with tons of interest but it’s full, so creating a new one.

  1. Entry fee is $50. This fee will increase by $10 every year moving forward for 10 years until reaching $150. The winning team will get to pay the previous years entry fee amount. Once we hit $150 the winning team from previous year pays $100. Entry fee MUST be paid before season starts, if this cannot be met each week into the season that Entry fee isn’t paid an additional $2 will be added on to your Entry fee which will go to pay out of playoff champion.
  2. The pay out at the end of the year for winners will be
    70% to the playoff champion.
    20% to the 2nd place finisher.
    10% to the regular season winner. (decided by best record. If tied decided better point differential of for and against)
  3. Roster size will be a total of 25 players. 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 3 flex (RB/WR/TE) and the remaining will be bench players.
  4. League is 1/2 ppr, 4 pt TD passes - all other scoring is normal
  5. The original year draft will be a snake draft. The years to follow will be a linear draft which will be set up in the playoffs. Both the championship and the consolation is playing for draft positions. The consolation round of the playoffs will be for the 1st overall pick in the draft with the next 5 picks being slotted in as per elimination. Same round eliminations will be separated with higher pts for the better draft pick. In the championship round the picks will be slotted from 12-7 with winner drafting 12th and the rest slotted by elimination. Same round eliminations will be separated by higher pts for lesser draft pick.
  6. Trading draft picks is allowed (and encouraged)!
  7. Rookie drafts will be 5 rounds.
  8. The season itself will be run with 3 weeks of playoffs. Top 6 teams making the playoffs for weeks 14,15 and 16. (pandemic may change this but that will be dealt with if anything changes in the pandemic rules that the NFL implements)

Draft will happen tonight at 8:30, looking for two more managers. Leaguesafe link will be sent once league is full.

Thinking of doing 3rd round reversal for the draft to make things more interesting, but we can vote on that.