Need 2 of 4 Rbs!halp mah!

Full ppr,1.5 points for every 10 yards…pick 2
R Stevenson
Michael Carter
Aaron Jones
Jeff Wilson
Also have Sony Michel but dont know what the status is with the game postponed.

Stevenson and Jones, pretty easily.

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I would also go with Stevenson and Jones. If I knew for certain that Darrell Henderson was not playing, the LAR vs SEA game could not be cancelled / moved to another week, & Michel was not going to pop-up as a late COVD rule-out I would seriously consider him. But in this case I think you just have to take the surer plays. Hope that helps.

If you had a free moment & wouldn’t mind, I posted a couple start/sit Q’s of my own and would very much appreciate any thoughts.

Best of luck this week!