Need 2 Players - 12 Man PPR Keeper League

I need two players. If your interested please ping me. We are using the Sleeper App and League Safe to collect funds. Details Below:

The Buy in is $50 per team, 12 Team PPR Keeper League. The payouts are;

1st place: $300

2nd Place: $120

Consolation Bracket Winner: $50

Weekly High Points: $10/week

Covid 19 Clause:

If the season turns out to go for less than 8 games; all players will be issued a refund. If the season goes on for more than 8 games the payout will be based on the best record, followed by most points scored, followed by the divisional record, followed by the highest bench score. This should remove the probability of a tie. The top 3 teams will get the payouts based on ranking. i.e. 1st place $300, 2nd place $120, and 3rd place $50.

12 team

Line Up:
1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 4 Flexes, 5 Bench, 2 IR

Tenure: 3 Consecutive Seasons

Number of keepers

No minimum. You can keep 3 or none.

FAAB Waiver Wire - $1k/Season

First Draft- Lottery using app (like last year)
Snake draft
Following Seasons: Draft Order will be an inverse record from the previous season I.e. last place gets first to pick.

Next Season Draft:

Players being kept cost ADP of draft minus 1. So if I keep my 5th round pick I am sacrificing 4th round next season

No first-round pick may be kept. second-round and later are eligible for keepers.

Anyone injured or suspended and dropped by a team is not eligible for a keeper spot next season. If kept by the original team will be eligible for keeper spot

Free agents picked up after week 10 are no longer eligible for a keeper spot

  • Coincides with the trade deadline

Waiver Wire addition keepers that are kept will cost a mid-round pick (R 10)

  • rewards good waiver wire play while keeping league competitive
    • keeping 2 Waiver Wire Pickups would be a 10 pick and an 11 pick and so on.

Trades - ADP minus one from draft or Waiver Wire rules depending on how the player was added to the team who is trading away.

  • Example: Round 2 pick gets dropped to waiver wire which is picked up by another player from the waiver wire. He keeps his draft pick price not the Waiver Price. So if the team who picked him up wants to keep him it will cost him R 1 next season

Example 2: The player is picked up off waiver wire and traded away. If the player is kept for the next season, the waiver wire price tag applies to the draft.

Keepers must be declared 2 weeks before the draft and submitted to the commissioner along with the final payment for the next season.

No draft pick trading

Ping me if you have any questions and if you are interested in playing. Sleeper invites going out in a moment.

Hey dude, I’m interested and could probably bring my friend with me. Settings sound good. One question: if you choose 3 keepers, you can keep them for up to 3 seasons? Is that what you mean by Keepers Tenure 3 consecutive seasons?

Hello. Great. Yes. Feel free to bring your friend in. It would make the search easier. Shoot me an email and I’ll send you over the detail;

Yes. 3 keepers that can be kept for 3 consecutive seasons.

Will like to join

I would love to play if it’s not full yet.