Need 2 - Win and I’m In


Must Win Matchup - Win and I secure the final playoff spot, lose and my opponent does.

Need 1 WR, 1 Flex from the following:

RB J. Williams IND v TEN (21st v RBs)
RB S. Michel NE v HOU (23rd v RBs)
WR D. Westbrook JAX v TB (32nd v WRs)
WR D. Metcalf SEA v MIN (29th v WRs)


Don’t think you can go wrong either way… I’m leaning Williams and Westbrook

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I dont think Michel gets in the lineup so any combo of the other 3 and id be pretty happy id lean westbrook and williams personally

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i would go Williams in Flex for sure.

Then i think Metcalf has more upside but lower floor. and Westbrook is most likely a solid 10-12 points in full PPR. So high floor but no ceiling. Hope that helps some

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