Need 2 WR and a Flex

Standard League. Have all 3 WR in now but thinking of taking Cooks out. Thanks

Cooks, Godwin, Ridley.

Mostert , M Sanders , Samuels but have Conner , R Freeman.

Go with Cooks. The entire starting secondary for CLE is either out or banged up this week. He’ll feast on the back-ups.

Hi need 2 WR and 1 Flex. Thanks

Appreciate any opinions . Thanks in advance.

Could use some advice please. Thanks

I would do Cooks and Godwin for WR and Connor or Mostert as Flex

I have Zeke and Conner for my RB

Crazy to put Mostert in and bench Conner and then role with the 3WR?

Do you need 1 WR or 2 WRs?

If its only 1 WR then I would play Cooks and put Connor or Mostert in flex

Sorry 2 WR and 1 Flex.

Crazy to bench Conner for Mostert and then go with all 3 WR.