Need 2 WR in Half PPR

Ive got Landry vs tampa, fitz vs houston, and crabtree vs pats in Mexico. Have to start 2 of the 3, im leaning landry and fitz but crabtree should get a significant workload against the pats.

You have to start Crabtree IMO. Pats D have started to get it together a little but Crabtree should be a very safe play against them. It sucks but i’d probably sit Fitz, sounds are coming out that Stanton has a knock (Ballers spoke about it on Monday’s podcast) so either a less than 100% fit Stanton (who doesn’t breed a whole lot of confidence anyway) or a backup to the backup QB is not a situation i’d want to be in.

i was thinking the same thing, the only thing that worries me is that the game for crabtree is in mexico which is higher altitude than denver. pats will be adjusted to the elevation im not sure oakland will be. but i was leaning benching fitz this week, feel like AP will be able to find running room against the depleted texans defense aka less targets for fitz