Need 3 Managers to Fill 10 Team Dynasty SF Startup

Hey everyone,

Looking to startup a 10 team SF dynasty league. I’m in need of 3 competitive and involved managers who really enjoy the fun and community of fantasy football.

I’m an experienced league commissioner with a long-standing redraft league that I’ve been running for over 10 years, and just started my first ever dynasty league last season. I’ve never played in a SF league before, so I’m very interested in starting one.

The scoring will be 6pt passing TD and full PPR. 1 QB/2 RB/3 WR/1 TE/2 FLEX/1 SF/15 Bench.

The league will be hosted on Sleeper and will have a $30 buy in each year through LeagueSafe. The payout structure will be $200 to 1st, $70 to 2nd, and $30 to the highest scoring team. If the league fills up fast enough, we could draft as soon as this weekend. Let me know if you’re interested!


I’m down. How do I join?

Just comment with your Sleeper username and I’ll send you an invite on the app.

Trawson is my username. Thanks! Let’s get it!

Joined up, just let me know where/how to pay, and the payout structure. It deleted my question on the sleeper chat for some reason. Thanks!

I’m interested. @SeeDubbs on sleeper

Invite sent!

The league has 5 spots left!

I’m down to join. Sleeper ID is dflores91

3 spots left for anyone interested in joining!

I am interested! Sleeper ID is onelove9100

FantasyPT on sleeper if you still have spots

One spot left!

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nickdobbin on sleeper if still open

bdarby22 on sleeper if you still need someone

League full?

If you still have spots open I’m in sleeper ID is Hersheysbsquare

Send the invite please!

If you are still looking, I am TheBaub

I3ig13ig if open