Need 3 Players, 12 Team PPR, $55! Buy-In

Had a bunch of response to this last time and thought we were full, but several couldn’t actually join.

ESPN 12 team - PPR league, we need 3 more people so we can draft early next week.

Top 3 spots paid
Champion wins a belt

I’m not the commissioner, just helping us fill out the league if any wants to jump in. I’m pretty sure we used League Safe last year.

Let’s go!

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Any spots left? And how does it work with security as far as money?

First come first served. If you give me your email I’ll send it to my commish and he’ll send you an invite.

We pay through league safe. First ones to pay are in the league.

I’m interested. mda

What day and time is the draft? If it fits my schedule I’m in.

Hi, I’m interested. Email is

We’ll set it after the league is full.

Is the mda part of the email?

My fault my email is

I’ll join if still available. My email is

Id be interested: