Need 3 RBs

Pick 3:


It seems obvious to me, but that matchup for McCoy against Denver scares me. Looking for advice.

Sit Crowell, not a lot of upside. McCoy was your number 1 pick, screens out of the backfield.

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Thanks. I was actually able to snag him in the 2nd somehow.

I have McCoy and I’m a Broncos fan, but the wrist is something to consider. It would depend on your WR. If you need more points, or are going into a losing situation play McCoy. If you are okay…Crowell gets volume. I agree with cookie_usa, but you also have to know when to sit your #1’s. It doesn’t matter where a player is drafted…for example. McCoy vs Hunt. With that said, the one high side of Indy has been Run Defense…I’d play McCoy