Need 3rd keeper, have chance for Gronk

In a 3 keeper league, was offered Gronk for a pick. What’s his worth? Keeping in mind everyone will be keeping 3 (nobody will be drafting in the 1st-3rd rounds). Seems he’d be worth getting into the first drafting round (4th round). Am I crazy? I need a 3rd keeper anyway, so seems worthwhile.

I’d definitely keep gronk for a top 3 round pick. His value is a 2nd rounder. Honestly, he’s worth a 1st rounder if he was guaranteed to play at least 15 games. That’s what he was 2 years ago, a 1st round pick.

Totally agree… just want to make sure I’m not jumping the gun here.

The advantage gronk gives you at TE, is unmatched by most positions. He is in his own tier. Well ahead of Kelce and Ertz. They aren’t even close IMO. Most of my drafts this year for me is Gronk or bust. With cooks gone, edelman injurred, he is going to get fed hard.

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