Need 4 for - 12 Team .5 PPR Dynasty Startup - Sleeper. $100/yr

Need 4 for a 12 team .5 PPR non-superflex league that will be hosted on sleeper. 2 year buy-in ($100/year)required up front. $100 due at the end of each season for future buy-ins. $25 weekly high score payouts. Payments and payouts managed through LeagueSafe. Startup draft to be held once we are full. Rookie draft taking place a week or so after the NFL draft. Message me for more info or an invite.

I’m interested if you still need people.

  • Joseph

I’m also interested if there’s still room-- Trinity124

Yes. There is one spot. We are booting someone who refused to pay. Draft slot is 1.03. Payments due today. Can you join and get paid today?

I’m good to go if you still need one. Invite me on sleeper if so: baddoggie

interested if it is still open

Interested if you still need one