Need 4 more owners for 1 keeper start up (free)

Ayo Folks!

Brand new league! Free entry.

i want it to be a start of an annual competitive (but fun) Keeper league. Need 4 more owners to join me and a few RL friends of mine.

Rules are a tad bit different, but should be fun.

12 Teams, .5 PPR, 1 keeper is the baseline

No kicker, Double Flex (WR,RB, TE)

Defense is toned down to be a bit more consistent. Please see rules in league for specifics. But the goal is the defense to be less volatile and bit more consistent on their scoring.

FAAB budget.

Draft is TOMORROW/Today (depending when you’re reading) 8/29/18 @ 9pm EST

you can join at

Dedicated League

or leave an email below and i’ll send an invite

Signed up! Can u confirm draft time CST


8pm CST

got ya email sent!

Room for 1 more!

Footclan assemble!