Need 44 points from tonight's game - help!

I can slot 2 of the 3…

Barner (Sony backup)

What’s the best shot I got?!

I don’t really see Barner getting a heavy workload in any scenario. I think your best shot at upside is hoping Mccoy finds the end zone or catches a bunch of passes. And pairing him with Edelman.

It’s standard format which makes it even harder for that point total it’s prolly a loss so gotta go for something big

Any one else I was leaning Edelman barner - don’t expect mccoy to do much

That’s fair, I am probably lower on Barner than you. But here is how I like to do these things. Just stat out what you expect from each player. Realistically I see 17 carries at 3.9 ypc along with 4 catches at 5.9 ypr for Mccoy as well as 25% chance of touchdown. These are conservative numbers in my opinion. Optimistically I give Barner 12 carrier at 4.2 ypc and 2 catches at 7 ypr along with 50% chance (double Mccoy) for a touchdown. In standard that would be 10.4 for mccoy and 9.44 for Barner. That is not factoring in that we have never seen Barner used and he could legitimately not be a part of the game plan. You might have different inputs than me, but I would suggest trying this out with your own opinions factored in.

Good point and I can get points from both sides instead of trying just to get them from one

I’d go Edelman McCoy. It’s pretty rare for an RB to come in as a filler and explode right away.