Need 5 Points tonight... who to play?

I’m currently down about 5 points… I have one flex spot open tonight.
Who should I play tonight?.. Tyreek Hill, or Chris Thompson?
I’m thinking the highest floor the better, but not sure if WR or RB is better for this.

PPR or Standard? I don’t think you can go wrong with either for 5 points.

you’ll win with either… I’d proably go with Chris Thompson but i dont think its that big of a difference

half point PPR

Either will be fine. I would probably go Chris because I can see the game script in his favor.

I would say Thompson. He’s probably good for at least 4 catches. There’s 2 points right there. Then you only need 30-40 yards. I think Hill will get you there as well

My worry is if Rob Kelley plays tonight. If he does, I wonder if Thompson will get the work load.

I’m sure he will. As of last night it looks like Crowder and Reed might be out so that will help him in the passing either way. I have him in my flex spot for tonight.

Thompsons workload won’t change if Kelley plays… Thompson is the right play here