Need 50 points.. Pick 2

Looking for a miracle tonight… Pick 2 of these 3 guys to combine for 50 points. FULL PPR.


Originally had White in my flex but I’m thinking about throwing Anderson in there… if I had to put money on which 2 will combine for the most points it’d be White and Edelman… but I don’t see them getting to 50+ together…

Robby and Edelman IMO. James White has barely gone over 10-12pts all year. Robby has big play potential and a lot of target share so if anyone is going to explode in this game, my money is on him, even with Gilmore there. Edelman will do his usual thing and hopefully get you a few tds. White doesn’t have the upside that Robby does, so I’d go with him.

edelman and anderson