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Need 6-8 More! / 10 Team / .5PPR / Re-draft / No buy-in / For Fun!


Esteemed members of the Foot Clan,

We all need another fantasy league, right? How about one where we can just enjoy ourselves without any money or potential for real life shaming on the line?

This league uses the ballers’ preferred rules exactly as they’re written on the site.

Looking to draft on Sunday, 9/3, at 10:00 PM EST.

If you have any questions, contact me here or by email at wessclark@yahoo.com


I’m down. jesse.madonna@gmail.com. Can we start at 9PM EST?


What platform? I’d love to join. I’ll be on vacation, but can draft if I’ve got service in the mountains. Here is my email JonnyJMas@yahoo.com.


The league will he hosted on ESPN. Sorry for not including this in the original post. I’ll send invites when I get back to the house this evening!


Madjesse–unfortunately we probably won’t be able to move the draft to 9PM EST because of work conflicts. Sorry!


I’m down.



I would gladly join


Looks like we’re full, everybody! Invites have gone out.


That’s fine, I can do 10 it’s just a work conflict for me, gotta get up early. Let me know if you still need a spot filled.


Alright, we might be back to needing one more!




Invited you.