Need 7 points tonight!

1/2 ppr

Ameer Abdullah

Who knows if ODB plays or is a decoy. In this predicament due to Jordy’s injury.

If Beckham plays, start him. If not, Abdullah, though I don’t love it.


I would agree. Even if ODB is hurt, he is still a better options than the other 3. If he doesn’t play, I would also probably go with Abdullah. He has the running downs, and also gets catches.

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I, too, am in a similar situation. Except I’m down 14 with only OBJ or Riddick to slot into my FLEX. DFWB is right, though… if OBJ plays, you put him out there. Nothing will sting more than if you bench your first round starter and he goes off on your bench.

If he doesn’t play… I gotta think Riddick will be a better bet than Abdullah considering the Giants defense is solid and the Lions o-line is abysmal. It should mostly be an aerial attack for the Lions tonight. Unless you anticipate them getting up big early on the Giants. The Giants are 3 point home favorites according to Vegas, though. So I’d be skeptical of that.

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