Need a bit of a second opinion

I’m considering dropping Kalen Ballage for Chase Edmonds. I have DJ but want Edmonds for just in case. I’m Not sure if he’s worth it though and I’m over thinking. it’s a 12 man ppr my other RBs are DJ, Cook, Kerryon, Sanders and Penny. TIA

Dont drop for handcuffs…ballage could break out and that would give you an RB1 and RB1/2 if everything went well… edmonds only becomes useful if DJ goes down better off going into season with the guy that could give you more upside.

I want to give Ballage a few games to see what role he has. I’d definitely prefer him to Edmonds right now.

I agree with not dropping players for handcuffs theory, but Ballage is gonna be what at best? an RB3 you will never plug into your lineup on a terrible offense that just traded away their best o lineman. He is absolutely bench fodder IMO. At least with Edmonds you lock up a potential RB1 spot.

Man that’s my struggle, I could see Ballage doing work. But I’ve been hit with the injury sniper the last 2 seasons. Maybe just flip a coin ? Lol