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Need a Dymasty league replacement


Hes not paying, so its I need to replace one owner. 1st year dynasty, 10 team, 60$ fee leaguesafe.com, fleaflicker, ppr, 1qb, 3rb, 3wr, 1te, 2 flex, 1 superflex, groupme for chat, if interest i can show you the team.


hey can you message me the team, im irritatedtomcat or irritatedtomcat@gmail.com on groupme/email


I’m interested, send me the info at smsones@gmail.com


@fantasystud112 just messaged you


Did you fill the slot? If not I very much would like to take a look. Late to joining this year so trying to play catch up.


you should just post the team


Sorry guys, wanted to wait until the end of the week 2. So i still need the replacement, he’s 1-1. The team is…

QB’s- Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Jacoby Brissett
RB’s- Lynch, Mccoy, Sproles, Blount, L. Murray, J. Stewart, Deandre Washington
WR’s- S. Diggs, K. Stills, D. Funchess, E. Sanders, N. Agolor, D. Jackson, B. Marshall, Chris Hogan, Anthony Miller, M. Sanu, Jordy, Kenny Britt, Dez
TE- G. Kittle, T. Burton, C. Clay


I’m in if you still need a spot filled


@fantasystud112 pmed you this time


anyone on here that didnt get the replacment team , i have a team i need to replace owner just hit me up for details .........gatorcharger15@yahoo.com