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Need a dynasty replacement? I’m your guy!


I’ve been doing fantasy for about 5 years now and I’m looking for more of a challenge and i think this is it. I’d love to take over a team and try and build it with what it’s got for the future. My email is jasonkyriakos2@gmail.com if anyone has a team I could inherit.


It sounds like you haven’t played in a dynasty league yet, right? I haven’t played in one either, but I’d like to. I’m trying to see if there’s interest in starting a dynasty league only for dynasty newbies. Would you rather start in a league like that or take over a team in an existing league?


I am a newbie but yeah I’m down to do either, just seems like a challenge either way. But tons of fun


I am also a newbie for dynasty. Im really looking forward to joining a dynasty league. And if all the league is a newbie in dynasty that be cool. If you guys end up doing one I would like to join.


@jasonkyriakos6 I’ll try to send out a DM to everyone who has expressed interested in a newbie startup dynasty league. It may take a couple of days, but it would be good to have potential members give their opinion on how the league should be set up before we actually do it.


I’m planning to start a dynasty league for newbies. I’ll include you in a future group DM and we’ll go from there.


@Vick_Bolt_J If you haven’t joined our newbie dynasty league already, here’s a link: https://slpr.link/jd6bo4KEG0eV

We still have 3 slots open. Don’t hesitate if you’re wanting to join this dynasty league for those new to dynasty.