Need a few players for Custom Dynasty Startup

If you like the rules format below please email me @ and confirm your spot before sending any money. I have 3 spots open in this 12 team league.

Clash Of The Tight Ends: 12 Team Dynasty League

-The draft will be held online on SUNDAY JULY 29th @ 4:00PM PST

  • The 60 second draft clock will be run online. If you run out of time your pick will auto draft based off your player rankings (if you customized them ahead of time) or standard rankings (if you did not).
    -No proxy drafting will be allowed for this league. You must draft your team and by doing so are committing to a mimum of 3 years in the league by signing on. It is a dysnaty league, that is the point.
    -If you miss your pick you will be places on auto pick. You must turn auto pick off again to resume drafting like normal.
  • After testing many sites, I decided to go with to manage this league. It has the most options, is free, allows pick trading and is fully customizable.


League Operations and Payouts
The League Entry Fee is $100 paid up front before the draft will get you an invite to the league. If this fee is not paid your team will not be held for the draft and given to another owner.
LOSER OF THE WEEK PENALTY: the team that scores the lowest point total in the entire league for each week of the regular season will have to put $10 into the pot. There wll be no cap to the number of times this penalty is assessed.
Each team has 5 free add/drops at their disposal for the season. After using the 3 free add/drops, further add/drops will cost 3 each. We will hold a 28-round draft with a 60 second clock. With this many picks if we have people using the full 60 seconds to make their picks it could make the draft take 4-5 hours. Please be aware of the clock and when you are coming up to pick. Use your queue and pick players quickly if you have them ready. If you are in this league it means you know your football so please be aware of time. We will have a randomizer detirmine draft order before the draft and then have a snake draft. We will reverse the order of the snake after the first 2 rounds. Draft picks can be traded...please inform the commish ASAP if a trade is going to happen. DRAFT PICK TRADE DEADLINE: 30 MINUTES BEFORE DRAFT STARTS. 25 League Trophy / Ring fee will be applied to the first year (to cover cost of trophy, engraving, toilet bowl trophy and championship ring.) A 5$ champisonship ring fee will be applied every year thereafter.


  1. Each owner is allowed 1 week each season to submit a roster that includes a player on bye, which is considered a warning for not properly setting a fully competitive lineup.
  2. Should a team continue submitting lineups with players on bye, they will be penalized under the following structure:
    2nd Violation = $10 Fine to be thrown into the league pot.
    3rd Violation = $25 Fine to be thrown into the league pot.
    4rd Violation = $50 Fine to be thrown into the league pot.
    5th Violation = Choice of $100 Fine or exit the league.
    6th Violation = Expulsion from league

Remember. you are not in the league until you are paid. Only then will the link invite be sent to you.
VENMO: @sean-french

League Payouts:
45% - Champion
10% - Runner-up
5% - 3rd Place Game Winner
10% - Division Champion
$50 - Consolation Tourney Champion (details below)

Individual Game tiebreakers (there will be no ties in this league):
Most Total Starter Offensive + Special Teams TD
Bench points for that week
Highest Individual Starting Player

Power / Post Season tiebreakers:
Head-to-Head Record
Division Record
Most average points/game
Hardest Schedule (Record)
Hardest Schedule (points)

FYI Retroactive stat changes will apply as the NFL makes changes usually on the follow Wednesday of any given week.

Each team will play their division opponents 3 times and 7 other opponents based on their draft position during the 13-week regular season.
The playoffs will take place from week 14 to week 16.
The top 6 teams will make the playoffs with the 1st and 2nd seeds receiving bye weeks for week 14.
Wild Card Round: The 3 seed will play the 6 seed and the 4 seed will play the 5 seed to determine who moves on to the divisional round.
Divisional Round: The 1 seed will play the lowest seed still in contention and the 2 seed will play the other team.
Championship Round: The winners of the divisional round will face one another for league champion.

The 6 teams that miss the playoffs will move into a consolation tournament with the top two seeds (7th and 8th) receiving a bye week.
Wild Toilet Round:The lower seeds (9th-12th) will play in week 14 (lowest seed vs highest + middle seed game aka 9th vs 12th & 10th vs 11th).
Divisional Toilet Round: The 7 seed will play the lowest seed still in contention and the 8 seed will play the other team.
Championship Toilet Round: The winners of the divisional toilet round will face one another for toilet bowl winner. And 50$.

Rosters & Roster Limitations:
Roster minimums require you always have at least 18 players on your 28 man roster at all times. During the offseason,
the commissioner will remove kicker and defense from your dynasty rosters. Because you can only ever own one Kicker or Defense based off roster limits, you cannot hold one for the entire year. Your bye week will require that you drop your kicker
and defense for another. In the 5 round Rookie/Defense/Kicker Draft (Starting in the 2019 season) you will be able to draft a defense
and kicker again with your 3 incoming rookies. After this draft is past you will have to cut 3 players from your roster to meet roster limits.
The Rookie/Defense/Kicker Draft will be held sometime after the NFL draft, most likely again in July before the preseason.

Starting Roster	Min	Max								

QB 1 3 8
RB 2 5 10
WR 2 5 10
TE 1 3 7
K 1 1 1
DEF 1 1 1
IR 2

1 point for every 20 passing yards
4 points for every passing TD
2 points for every 2 point conversion thrown
-2 points for every interception

1 point for every 10 rushing yards
2 points for every 2 point conversion rushed
6 points for every rushing TD

1 point for every 2 catches (.5 per catch)
1 point for every 10 receiving yards
2 points for every 2 point converstion caught
6 points for every receiving TD

-1 Point for every fumble
-1 point for every fumble lost
1 Point for every fumble recovered
6 points for every Offensive Fumble Recovery TD

3 points for every field goal made
1 point for every XP converted

6 point for every kick return TD (applies to players and team defenses)
6 point for every kick punt TD (applies to players and team defenses)

2 points for every Interception
2 points for every Sack
2 points for every Force Fumble
1 point for every Fumble Recovered
2 points for every safey
6 points for every defensive TD
2 points for every 2 pt coversion return for TD
10 points for pitching a shutout (aka allowing zero points)

Free Agents:
All players post draft will be in free agency. As stated above you can pick up and drop as many players
as you like but after 5 roster moves you will be charged 3$ per transaction. Trades are free so make them as often as you like. Given the dynasty format pick ups and drops will not be as important this league. You will have a 200$ FAB budget to make waiver claims during the year (including kickers and defenses). Zero dollar waiver claims are allowable as well.

Trade Deadline:
The trade deadline is 12/4/2018 at 3am PST. Just before the playoffs.
Trade Vetoing:
Trade vetoing is not allowed league wide but if I the commissioner see a trade to be collusive or
grossly unfair I will reverse it and give those teams warning. Due to the nature of dynasty leagues
some trades may look unfair (example "Pierre Garcon & Greg Olsen for Mike Gesecki) but
may actually be valued higher when taking the players ages into account and who that player may
become. This league should be all about trading as the only way to improve your team is through
the draft and trade.