Need a fill in for Crabtree!

BALLERS!! I’m in 2nd place in my 16-team 2qb ppr league but my playoff spot still isn’t secure yet (disgraceful format. league is divided into 4 divisions, but still the best 4 team records make the playoffs). I need to start 3WR and FLEX. I have D.Thomas, JuJu, Doctson, Dede. With Crabtree suspended, should I pick up one of Jacquizz, Zay Jones, Seth Roberts, or Cordarrelle Patterson? Do you like any of these options over Dede or in case JuJu is out? And would you bench D.Thomas in place of a different 4-player combo? Thanks!

I would go with Patterson. He has the ability to make big plays, and Amari Cooper is also dealing with injury. Not only did he take a mean concussion on Sunday, but he also sprained his ankle. If he isn’t 100% I think Patterson will be their best pass-catching option. After him I’d go with Jacquizz. My only issue with Jacquizz is that they have been splitting their RB touches between him, Charles Sims and Peyton Barber. Even if he is the lead back, Tampa showed that he is not guaranteed goal line carries, and Sims is clearly their passing-down back.

Thanks for the response man! Your definitely right about the committee in Tampa with Martin having IBS in his big boy pants since wk9, but I guess I’m so split between Patterson and Roberts. It’s almost a 50/50 shot as to who would get the majority. Patterson’s had 4 targets each of the past two weeks, Roberts had 3 targets last week and 9 the week before and caught the majority of each.

Yeah, I feel that. Seth Roberts has a couple of huge weeks almost every year, but I can’t remember him ever turning it into consistent production. Also, those target totals were with Cooper and Crabtree. I think I would still go with Patterson since they had some plays designed to get him the ball. Without Crabtree (and with Cooper also possibly out/limited) I think they will have to make an effort to get their playmakers the ball, and I think that Patterson is more of a playmaker (evidenced by his history as a returner).