Need a flex starter

Have K. Hunt, Elliot, Tyreek Hill, and Thielen for my RB and WR slots.
Need a flex. Who should take the spot? I have
R. Kelly,
T. Cohen,
K. Benjamin,
Crowell, or
J. White?

I like the high floor of Crowell bc of how many carries he’ll get, but I like the upside of Cohen as well. Either one of those options should be a good play. Crowell being the safer one

I should also mention that this is full point PPR.

Full point PPR has me favor Cohen more then. There are some reports with Howard having a sore shoulder too. Either one is a very solid flex

I agree with Cohen on the full-point PPR. There is a chance Crowell outscores Cohen, but the flex spot is there to have a breakout player. Cohen could have a huge game again.

I agree with Cohen. That little “chit” can twist, slip and worm his way out of a lot of clusters. Like the guys said on the show today, I think Cohen is the next piece of MAGIC to hit the fields this year. And Chi was really SNEAKY in keeping the word quiet on him all pre-season. They knew they’d struck gold with him. And with full PPR…hard to see going wrong with him.