Need a Flex, strong options

Currently have Hunt in but with Adams potentially not playing i’m debating plugging Lazard instead

Hunt, Lazard, Montgomery, Gage

If Thomas is declared active i’ll obv plug him in either in Flex or over Woods/Moore

MT isnt going to play this week.

With Adams out, Lazard takes that WR spot. Hunt should stay in as your flex.

What does your roster look like?

Over Woods?? Feels like if Thomas is out then it should be Woods + Moore.

QB: Josh Allen
RB: Drake
RB: Robinson
WR: Woods
WR: Moore
TE: J. Cook
Flex: TBD
D: Stream
K: Stream

EDIT* Bench: Thomas(out probs), Hunt*, Montgomery, Michel, Lazard, Gage, Miller, Gaskin, Deebo(IR), Campbell(IR)

Oh ok, I misunderstood you. I thought you had Adams.

Yes, Woods Moore in your WR spots with Hunt as your Flex. Possibly Gage (if Julio is out) in one of your WR spots.

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Pretty much what i was thinking, was just seeing a lot of Lazard hype around these forums so started to second guess my flex choice.

I think Gage could blow up but i have a hard time coming to terms with sitting either Woods or Moore. Would probably pick Woods but so hard to predict which Ram will go off on a given week


Woods is hard to sit because he truly is very consistent and has one of the safest floors in fantasy.

Gage definitely has the worse floor than the Woods/Moorebut his upside is way bigger than the other 2.

I would only put Gage in, if Julio is a no go this week.