Need a homerun in my flex

With Chark out, I benched him and played Keelan Cole…and got cute and stacked with Minshew. The 12points from those 2 guys does not stack up well against my opponent, who got 27 from James Robinson.

My other WR1 is Davante Adams (MVS on the bench in case he sits) and starting Henry and Drake at RB.

Who’s the best blowup potential for my flex to get me back in this?

  • Chris Carson
  • Robert Woods
  • Marquise Brown (I’m also starting Mark Andrews)

I’d roll with Carson here for some solid numbers. The other two I think are hit or miss this week. They will either pay big or let down.

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I lean Carson as well… Woods is a solid play every week, but not with the biggest of upsides and Brown is a true boom or bust… Carson gets the work to have big games weekly.

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