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Need a keeper


Full Point PPR, Modified Keeper Rules, 6 point TD’s across all positions.

Can keep only one:

Aaron Rodgers, GB QB – 5th Round
Jay Ajayi, Mia RB – 8th Round

Thanks FootClan


Rogers at 5th dude, Anahi or something of his tier is accessible and Aaron could be the difference in winning or not that championship


Thanks for your reply. I get that Rodgers is easily the best fantasy QB out there and I stuck with him all last season even after that Tennessee pounding he took, but to be able to steal the 11th best running back for an 8th round pick I’m having a tough time swallowing that there isn’t another very capable QB I can pick up. Good news is my keeper doesn’t lock until late August so I have some time to think on it.


If we are purely looking at penalty vs. ADP, Ajayi is a HUGE value. I know Rodgers is great, there is a reason people are grabbing him in the 3rd. However, I think that there will be some similarly talented QBs still left in the 5th, but there is no way that similar RBs will still be around in the 8th.


Yea, I was able to steal Rodgers in the 5th last season which is why he is an option to keep that low. You can keep one player at the same round they were taken the previous season. So both these guys have huge value attached already but the scarcity of running backs and the ability to steal Miami’s top guy in the 8th has me about at an 80% decision made. I also have the option for Sammy Watkins in the 2nd, Demaryius Thomas in the 3rd, and Jordan Mathews in the 7th so now you can see why I’m narrowed between ARod and Ajayi


But Howard in the 7th is not a better deal that Ajayi in the 8th? I mean Howard was most consistent than Ajayi plus that offensive line in Chicago should be stronger than the OL in Miami. Ajayi gave that 3-4 explosive games but couldn’t kept the pace meanwhile Howard exceeds all expectations I would think.


Anything but Watkins.