Need a Kicker due to BYE

Forbath or Parkey. Got Succop on BYE…Parkey’s matchup looks better, but Forbath puts up more points. Both seem to make most of their attempts, so…kinda tough decision. Wanted Butker, but lost out on Waiver due to league standings. Thanks y’all!!!

Gould, Gano, Prater and Bullock also available.

Possibly Prater against a tough Pittsburgh D-

Prater can kick 50 yarders all day long-

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Good point @DABOYS4LIFE. I know the kicker is the lowest priority on a lot of rosters, but…wow…Succop has all but pulled me out a couple of weeks. Thanks my friend. Definitely something to think about!!!

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So you don’t have any faith in Forbath this week? Not questioning your suggestion of Prater…but once again…looks like this week could make or break me from my kicker. I know it sounds strange but, …wow…LOL…been a really weird FFB season. Been having to make some really unexpected roster calls to finally get to 3-4. Thanks for your patience. LOL

No problem-I like Forbath as well-Look at the numbers on those kickers points etc and go from there-