Need a major game from a WR

Had Fournette last night, so now I need to swing for the fences.

Standard Scoring…

Kenny G, Tyler Lockett, Courtland Sutton?

Leaning Lockett at the moment.

I have the same issue.
I put in both Godwin and Humphries after last night. I have them in over Ware, Carson or Blount just because I don’t think their ceilings are as high as the Tampa Bay WR’s this week. Although Blount’s ceiling may be pretty high this week considering its Arizona

I think Kenny G may have a rough game. Lockett has a tough matchup as well but he’s already overcome that so many times this season. Who knows how Sutton will look without Sanders in the lineup. Thats a tough decision, but I think I’d lean just slightly towards Lockett