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Need a Monday night TE and Kicker! (Wasting Kareem's big night)


Hello all. Going into Monday down 8 points. My opponent has Dalvin Cook. I’ve still got to play a TE and a kicker. I have Hunter Henry and Kicker for NO. Coby Fleener and kicker for Minn are available on the waiver wire. Should I replace either? Or both?

FYI - I have Kareem Hunt but unfortunately I ran up against Fournette, Brown and the LA defense while Julio did nothing for me.

Thanks for any advice.


Ouch, that’s rough bro…I would just stick with what you’ve got and hope for the best. Good Luck man


So all can see my shame:


I’d consider picking up Fleener if you have a bench spot to burn. Otherwise, is stand pat.


I’d stick with what you have too.

I feel your pain though, I have Hunt in my main league as well and I had Andy Dalton and his -3 pts! I drafted Dalton in the last round as a stop gap until Luck is healthy and I would have done better playing Luck this week! I still managed to pull out the win though this week. Dalton will be riding the waiver wire very very soon. Good luck to you, hope you pull it out!


yeah you need a hail mary. that does suck though, in my main dynasty i ran into the same thing, fournette and brown. i still pulled out the win thanks to him being a cowboys fan and starting dez, dak, and beasley while i had witten. i think hunter is your hail mary. he could go for 2 TDs and put you in it. but i think cook has a good day today.


Thanks for the replies all. Since the consensus is to sit tight, I will do just that. I love fantasy football until I don’t.