Need a new owner to take over a team in my footclan league! (no payment)

So a team stopped paying attention so were looking to replace him in our Keeper league.

The teams 1-6 so playoffs this year are questionable.

Its a 12-team 3 Keeper league so its for years to come.

Let me know if anyones interested.

DM me for more details or any questions you may have.

You should share the teams line-up!

I’d be up for it

DM me if the space is still available

first link is the teams roster, 2nd link is the leagues settings

Says that I’ve got to log in

Could you take a screenshot?

That’s rough but I’m more than happy to take the spot. :slight_smile:

If the team is still available I will absolutely take it over, thanks and let me know!! Message me if you need to I am more than willing

Im down to take over this team

its filled, sorry