Need a play-off PUSH and WIN - Beef it up?


Currently 7-4 in PPR league. I like my team (when it gets healthy!), but I feel like I need to think long term. Beef it up for the play-offs?

Barkley, Ballage, Gordon (BYE), Mostert, J. Williams
Lockett, Parker, Woods, Thielen (BYE), D. Thomas
Hooper (OUT?), Griffin, Hollister

Obviously I NEED to win this week. Who would be a better RB 2 this week Ballage or J. Williams? Who should I FLEX? Woods or D. Thomas?

What do I need to upgrade for the play-offs? The worst person in the league (1-10) has Crowder on his bench. Should I try and go after him? Great play-off schedule.

Any thoughts or advice would be helpful

Also, the trade deadline is today so I am trying to make move. Quickly!

Any thoughts haha