Need a qb and have a plethera of wr

My WRs are Hopkins, Hill, Chark, Hilton, Woods, Ridley, Gordon. Current QBs are Goff and Josh Allen :-1:t3: who could I target if I wanted to trade someone like Chark?

No one on waivers? I’d drop Gordon before I traded Chark.

Best bet is to try to find a team with 2 solid QB’s but fairly weak at WR. Without knowing the league and the other teams’ rosters it’s hard to give trade proposals.

On waiver atm is Darnold Tannehill Foles(for upcoming schedule) and Kyle Allen. Would Cousins be a good target? Owner has him and Breese and very weak at WR

Fitzmagic also in pool

Depends on if you think the gap between Cousins and those others is sizeable. I personally have had Tannehill the last 2 weeks and have been very happy with him. Now, would I want him starting every week? Probably not, but you could do worse.

Do you think Tannehill is a better start at home against the KC or Allen on the road against CLE?