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Need a QB badly


I desperately need a QB after week 1 (Bradford is my starter) and I have an offer on the table for dalvin cook/Keenan Allen, in exchange for Mariota/Devante Parker. If the trade went through I’d be left with Crowell and Demarco as my Starting RBs with Doug martin on my bench. Is this a good trade?


Who is available on the waivers? Palmer, dalton, tyrod are all good streamers


They’re all taken. The only ones left are hoyer, smith, bottles, savage, siemian, golf and flacco. I picked up Bradford cause he’s got the best schedule in the NFL but I ain’t sticking with him week to week obviously lol. Also picked up smokin jay cutler already


I’d do it. You have Martin on the bench. And Bradford isn’t going to be your qb all season. If it’s PPR definitely


That trade is kind of up in the air, I feel like he won’t go for it since he himself doesn’t have a backup QB. A guy also just offered me dalton for Martin, and seeing how Martin is out until week 5 now, that kind of intrigues me. Idk how reliable Martin would be when he’s back anyways. Thoughts?


I don’t like it. Cook and Allen could have big years. Not worth trading away for a QB. I’d stream one of the options you listed. Flacco?


I don’t hate the trade but you need to look at it like this. Do you think the drop off from the players you give to what mariota can bring will make enough of a difference between Bradford and mariota. Yes, he’s a better QB, but you lose some good upside in Allen and cook. I honestly think the points you lose from cook and Allen will not make up the difference. Give me cooks and Allen with the streamihrg QB of the week over not having them and having a top 10 QB.


Yeah good points, I really love cook’s potential. What do you guys think if I trade away Martin for dalton? Martin doesn’t play until week 5 now, and I already have decent depth at RB


I personally love dalton this year. His team is healthy and he has a better line in front of him. If you have the RB depth to give Martin up and that guy is interested, I say do it.


I would not do this trade,Prefer the Dalton for Martin trade.Pick up Flacco