Need a QB for Week7

I already own Watson but i dont like to roster him against the Jaguars D.
Should I try to trade for Rivers/Wentz or pick up Trubisky/mayfield/Dalton/Flacco from waivers?

any suggestions?

I’d go for Trubisky man. He’s been good lately. He will have to throw against the Patriots.

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I really like rivers/wentz rest of season, but I wouldn’t give up more than a bench player for either one of those guys, and I’m sure the rivers/wentz owner isn’t going to want to sell low. I lean Dalton then Mayfield (if he’s healthy). I’m a huge Bears fan, but am worried about how the Pats will gameplan against the Bears.

i thought i could trade robinson and carson/kerryon Johnson for rivers or should i try to trade evans? Somehow I feel like the pats wont allow much from mitch

not sure what your league’s tendencies are like, but I think that would be significantly overpaying for either of those QBs. Rivers for Kerryon straight up is pretty fair in my mind. I would just roll with the waiver wire

I would just roll with the waiver wire

Okay im going to try this out.

This is my Team, what would u drop ?

QB: Watson
RB: Gurley
RB: cmc
WR: Michael Thomas
WR: Boyd
TE: Njoku
Flex: Jeffrey


aaron jones

I really like that team. Evans/Thomas/Boyd/Jeffery is great for WR. Personally, if you really want to upgrade at QB, I’d try to use Jeffery as the basis for getting Rodgers or Mahomes.

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I would grab Dalton and not worry about trading for a QB… heck, I dropped Rivers to pick up Winston last week…

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Riding with Dak. Divisional matchup. Rushing yardage floor. Finally some decent playcalling.

I am having the same dilemma and we actually have very similar rosters(I have Gurley, MT, Boyd and Njoku) My dilemma is I dont really want to drop anyone to get the QB, especially when I also have Russell on my team.

I think I should have a pretty easy time winning this week, but he also has David Johnson and Demaryius Thomas. I am going to make the call after this game and If they have bigger than expected games, I will pick someone up. If they perform as expected or lower, I am staying put.

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