Need a QB Streamer for Week 11

Need a QB Streamer This week. Lost Taylor, Back up taken. Who would you go with FitzPat, Eli Manning, or Bortles?

Blech! I don’t love any of them obviously but I think Bortles is the play here against Cleveland. He will be “fine”. I like Eli’s matchup overall but think he is going to throw a couple of picks that will hurt his overall value and I just don’t trust Fitzmagic still although an argument can be made for him with Evans back…

Eli Manning! He’s against KC who’s D/ST is not good. It’ll probably be a sling fest like KC vs OAK to be honest.
FitzPat is your next best bet. Just got back Mike Evans and has a good matchup against MIA.
Bortles might have a good matchup but expect it to be a ground and pound control game between Fournette and Crowell with some throws to Lee to switch it up.

LOL!!! Well we aren’t much help are we since we just made exact opposite arguments :rofl:

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Haha yeah, 1 thing I forgot to mention though is that the weather in Jacksonville is going to be not that great. Raining and 13 mph winds during the game. Another reason why I think it’s going to be a run fiesta. I don’t trust Bortles throwing in perfect conditions let alone while it’s windy :laughing: