Need a QB streamer!

Jacoby, Jamies, Kyle Allen, or Case Keenum. Go!!!

Gotta go Case Keenum, right?

Agreed, I would go Keenum and Jacoby would be my other choice.

Can’t go wrong with either. I personally prefer Jacoby but both may be missing their top targets (Hilton and McLaurin) so it’s a toss up with who you like more

I think Keenum as well

Keenum has the matchup. But I genuinely don’t want to ever start him. Id rather Brissett and then Winston even with the poor matchup.

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I get that it’s never a dude you want to think of in your lineup right before you climax, but he’s QB11 in standard scoring, so he’s technically a QB1 regardless… and the Giants are absolutely terrible vs the pass… would clearly be the worst in the NFL if Miami didn’t exist… THEY MADE WINSTON LOOK LIKE A LEGIT QB1 LAST WEEK…

He didn’t ask for a season-long set it and forget it QB… he asked for a QB streamer… you’re passing on 30 points not starting the dude this week… if you see somebody else topping that, have at it

I agree with you guys. Especially Bratwurst. I’m a stickler sometimes for not playing on analytics a lot, and it burns me every time. Keenum dies have the best matchup. Thanks guys!!

would you drop anyone in particular to grab him on waivers?
QB Brady
RB Kerryon Johnson
RB Todd Gurley
WR JuJu Smith
WR Tyler Boyd
FLEX Austin Eckler
TE Greg Olsen
Def/ST Green Bay

WR Alshon Jeffery
WR Tyrell Williams
WR Allen Robinson
RB Royce Freeman
RB LeSean McCoy
TE Kittle
DEF/ST Bills (cant drop them as i streamed Green bay’s def this week, which blew up in my face lol)

Keenum or Brissett
I personally like Brissett more but I can see them finishing within a few pts of each other. Maybe more of a shootout in NY

Who do you want to pick up??

Case Keenum… start of the year! Lol… sorry guys… THE LOGIC WAS SOUND :smiley:

It was. Sometimes matchup is so appealing that you can lose sight of the guy you’d be using.

That’s fantasy football for ya😆

More painful I’m a Redskins fan​:confused::confused: