Need a reliable WR

Full PPR, 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1 FLEX
My current team is:
QB: Dak

Leonard Fournette
Melvin Gordon
Mark Ingram
Rob Kelley
Jacquizz Rodgers
D’Onta Foreman
Alex Collins

Golden Tate
Tyreek Hill
Tyrell Williams
Rishard Matthews
Danny Amendola

TE: Zach Ertz

Should I be worried (borderline tilting) about my receivers, I feel like I don’t have a real #1, or is that just me? Tate gets the targets, and hill has the big play upside, but i feel like they each are missing what the other has. People in my league seem apprehensive about trading so I feel like I’m stuck with playing the waivers for a lucky breakout guy. Do you think I should try to package some guys to move for a WR1?

The two top WR’s available on waivers are Devin Funchess and Will Fuller. Which one would you rather have rest of season? I lean Funchess because his volume has looked good and Olsen is out.

I feel like the team has good potential, and I feel like a solid WR1 is what it needs to really bring it together.

Will Fuller needs to be picked up. Funchess shouldn’t be on the wire as well. You have plenty of RB depth, you could package a couple for a WR to a RB needy team in you’re league, but you’re not bad with WR’s.

I’m lower on the waiver priority right now but I’ve got claims in for Funchess and Fuller. Both claims would drop Foreman if the player makes it to me on waivers.

As for packaging running backs, I’m kind of stuck this week cuz Kelley and Ingram are both on BYE, and I probably couldn’t get anyone to take quiz or Collins yet.

The guy in my league who has Hopkins and Odell lost Dalvin Cook (he still has Latavius), Carson, and Montgomery (broken ribs) this week. Would I be crazy to try Gordon and any of my WR’s for Montgomery and Hopkins?

Would that even be worth trying Lol?

Id probably have to start Alex Collins if Montgomery sits this week, and Kelley/Ingram if he misses multiple weeks. But if be good when he gets back.

On the other hand, if Montgomery sits, it might work in my favor, cuz he’d have to start Forte, Vereen, or Morris with Latavius Murray.

I’m not sure about that. You’re not bad in the WR department really. I mean you could do that, but I’d stay pat with that.