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Need a replaceable member for 12 team ppr

This is our fourth year and we have had some ups and downs. But overall, the people that are still in the league love it.

We are a 12 team dynasty run on ESPN. All off season trades and so forth are set up on google docs. We allow draft pick trading two years out. Also, new this year, you can have more or less draft picks than everyone else depending on how you trade. its a 30 team roster with 5 keepers (depending on the amount of draft picks you have. The roster is 1 qb 2 rb 3 wr 2 flex 1 te and 1 def. NO KICKERS!! The entry fee ;ast year was $45 but I would like to raise that up. but we vote on most things, so nothing is written in stone.

There is a league constitution ( a dumb term, but effective) that I can send you if you are interested. The one major thing I insist on is no bullying, no making someone feel bad for a questionable decision.

Oh, which brings me to this: We do a three judge voting process for all trades. Once the trade happens, it is instant ( as long as I am around, and I am pretty much always around). I say this because collusion is not allowed but it has to be very obvious. In other words, if you want to trade your 1 pick for the next three years (this year and the two years out) for Christian McCartney, you can as long as we vote on it. You can trade Hunter Henry who may be on IR for the season for Even engram who plays. That kind of thing. YOU may think its a dumb trade, but that doesn’t make it collusion. BUT if you try and trade the brown def for Patrick Mahomes, depending on other factors, such as maybe you have no def at all and you need one and that is the only trade you can do, that’s OK., but if its obvious you are trying to help the other guy. no good.

We do all communications through GROUPME. If you are unfamiliar,. its easy. I am a 50 year old man who is techno dumb, but I can figure it out. so can you. Most guys in the league by the way are in their early 20’s. The only age requirement is you have to be 18 plus since we are dealing with money.

Another important fact. When I started this, none of us had any dynasty experience. We are learning together. At least one guy had never even played fantasy but has a vast knowledge of football.

Also, I am partially blind and a terrible typist, so be aware, you may need to learn to decipher my terrible typing.

The team that is open won the league the first two years. You will be the teasm third owner. Here ios teh team followed by the picks for this year and teh next two years.

Jamis Winston
Leonard fournette
Patrick Laird
TY Hilton
Adam Theilien
Tim Patrick
Tyler Effiert
Mike boone
Philip Lindsey
Ravens def

Matt Safford
Cotls def
Jered McKinnon
Trey Burton
Saints Def
Jordan Howard
Devopntee Booker
Jaylon Samuels
Marquise Goodwin
Royce Freeman
Mike Evans
Tj Yeldon
Cameron Brate
Tyler Kroft
Marquez Valdes-Scantling
Patrick maHomes
Gary Jennings
Bengals def
T.J. Hockenson
open bench spot

Draft is not snake, but liner, by the way

2020 draft picks:
(overall picks listed)
5th over all


1st round, 2nd round 3rd round 4th round 5th round ( it is possible to have two 1st rounds and so forth, but the guy before you didn’t chose to do that.


1st round, 2nd round 3rd round 4th round 5th round

feel free to ask any questions


still looking come join us

I might be interested. Can you send me the constitution? Nsiperly@hotmail.com

Sorry league is full. Good luck