Need a ROS QB!

Roster: 1 QB league 6 pt - 8-1 record

QB: Stafford, Fitzpatrick
RB: Gordon, Conner, DJ, Breida
WR: Julio, Keenan, Adams, J. Brown
TE: Rudolph, Vance

Who should I target and what would be the offer for said player. Or do you think Fitz can put up enough points to help me through the playoffs?

i just went through this same thing as i am done waiting on Russell Wilson and have Fitzpatrick as my backup.

I was able to swing Fitz and Landry and received Brees and Hyde (throw in) . pretty happy about it as i can afford losing Landry.

That being said, this is really dependent on your league. start with the bottom feeders first as they will be most likely to be tilting and want to pivot. you need to see whos weak at RB and whos weak at WR and put together offers from there. Also target guys who are hoarding 2 qbs as they will be more likely to part with one.

Breida and John brown are obviously first to go. if you can get an elite guy like Newton or Rodgers id part with Keenan Allen to make it happen. you have the depth to live with it. even at running back imo.

Look for stacks as well. Matt Ryan, Rodgers, or even Rivers would be great targets to pair with Julio,Adams, Keenan.

Its so league dependent though man especially for QB’s. that being said with your depth id be willing to overpay slightly if i wasnt able to get a fair deal done. with that team, you cant afford to have Fitzpatrick poop the bed and get yanked from a game, and Stafford has an extremely tough schedule and just lost Tate (you saw how bad they looked last week). You got the firepower to go all the way IMO.

Targets in no particular order:
Big Ben
Mahomes (just check)
Dalton (last resort)

Guys i wouldnt target:

the rest of the guys arnt even in the same tier. so hopefully thats enough options for you to get started. hope you can get a deal done.

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Thanks for your input.

Cam owner isn’t dealing him - I was able to get Keenan from him for cheap when L. Murray was putting up points.

I tried to target the Ryan owner - he has Mahomes and is in 7th place - offered him Breida and John Brown (with a toss in of Fitz or Staff) he said he wasn’t too keen on Breida and asked about DJ. If I could get Ryan for a deal of DJ straight up or packaged with Brown or a QB do I do it? Just read the latest news on Bell so i’m hoping Conner will finish out the season as the starting back but obviously we can’t trust the reports lol Was keeping DJ as a emergency Break Glass RB barring injury and such

Damn alright…

To be honest with you, i havent even seen DJ at all this year. I dont own him anywhere and have not watched any cards games as i dont own a piece of that offense. I know that he is trending up with the new OC and such but its been one game. I dont really know how to feel on DJ personally so hopefully someone else can chime in.

But personally, i would consider making that move. tough call tho…

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Thanks again! Tough move to make given the uncertainty of Bell.

David Johnson for Matt Ryan is still an overpay dude, don’t do it.
What about Wentz? He’s slowly slowly coming back into his old self

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Wentz owner is greedy and trading with him is a nightmare lol How about Keenan maybe add Breida for Ryan - especially since the owner has Mahomes. If I could work that deal, would that be fine, given that I have Adams and Julio with J. Brown as an alternative

Nah still overpay, Keenan’s name and breakout possibility could get you more, even though the Williams twins are hurting him a lot.
Try Breida + Vance for Matt Ryan. QBs shouldn’t cost that much to get as there’s so many comparable ones out there.
Only problem for the Mahomes owner is the bye in week 12 where they’ll want Ryan for

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