Need a ruling

Manager 1 drafted mahomes Roger’s and Mayfield with his first 3 picks imo looking to trade them for other pieces.

Manager2 had rostered Lamar jackson with his 10th round pick.

After the draft was over manager 1 sent a trade offer of Roger’s for CMC to manager 2. This was rejected.

Manager 2 said on the board to make a more reasonable offer because of the ADP of Roger’s being 6th round.

Manager 1 sends a trade Roger’s for josh gordon from manager 2. This trade was accepted.

Subject trade was vetoed today in my league. I’m thinking of doing away with vetoed in my league after the outcry from this trade.

I personally don’t have a problem with the trade. It was bad draft strategy imo. But whatever. These two guys dont even know each other so I don’t think collusion is an issue. Just wanting some thoughts before I make a ruling on this situation.

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Rodgers vs J. Gordon is a fair trade IMO and shouldn’t be vetoed.

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Vetoes are dumb. Yes it looks lopsided and it was a terrible draft strategy lol but I would like to see one more player like an rb 3 in there to make it a little more even.

That’s a whole lot of points going to a team getting Roger’s over the points from Gordon. But I would not have vetoed it

There is a big points difference for sure but that’s always the case when trading a QB for another position. ADP wise it does make sense though, Rodgers is a 5th/6th round draft guy as is Josh Gordon in a lot of leagues.

Team 2 had Lamar Jackson for a quarterback on the roster already I think the projections said Rodgers was about a 20 point upgrade

our league had similar situations two years in a row. we no longer have vetos.