Need a Safe Floor

May sound silly, but I’m debating Woods and Sutton for the safer floor in my matchup this week.

Woods vs TB
Sutton vs JAX

Both are seeing good targets, so far Sutton has had the better floor. If Jax is still missing Ramsey come Sunday, I lean Sutton. Any insight is much appreciated. Thanks!

I’m expecting a bounce back week for Woods in week 4. I’d definitely start him over Sutton

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My only thing is I don’t want to have to count on a bounce back week for a player that has been underperforming 2 weeks straight now. I’d rather go with the more consistent and proven safer floor at the moment, and it’s crazy to say but right now that really is Sutton.

I’d give Woods a 50/50 to put up either over 12 or under 7 again, but Sutton is at least putting up 6 but I’d give him an 85% chance of putting up > 9, especially if Ramsey isn’t playing. And I’d rather Woods be on my bench with 25 points than in my lineup with 5.5 points. I just don’t like plugging in players when I’m expecting something I haven’t seen yet.

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