Need a spot start waiver rb

Morning guys,

6 of my players are on byes this week so I was forced to okay a bunch of waiver guys and some other bench stashes last night (djax,brate,James white, amendola) somehow I ended up with 62.10 points from those guys. The players I have left for me are:
Eli Manning at qb
JD mckissic at rb2
Will fuller at flex

I would be looking to pick up someone at rb2 with a safer floor than jd idk if he’s even going to see the field. Waivers are thin, this is a 12 man full ppr, ultra competative. I’m not really willing to drop off of my bye week guys to grab someone else either so it will have to be someone I can drop mckissic for and not have to worry about who would’ve been better.

Available waivers are:
Elijah McGuire
Robert turning
Marlon mack
Shane vereen
Cj prosise (if he’s active I will probably take him over mckissic)
Giovanni Bernard (someone rage dropped him after the Houston game and he hasn’t been claimed)
Alex Collins (on waivers for another day)

Both of Zeke’s back ups (McFadden+Morris)

And a bunch of guys neither of us have ever heard of.


Get or Tolbert. I like Mac later in season tho

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interesting. The only thing that worries me about gio is that hes playing buffalo, where as seahawks get to play the rams where rbs have been feasting

I’d feel pretty confident about starting Collins this week and I’d hang on to him too. He’s trending up and if he stops fumbling he’ll be their starter going forward.

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alright, so far between 3 outlets ive got 3 for gio, and 1 for collins. hmmm


I like Collins in this situation. He’s been trending the right way and as the above poster mentioned if he stops fumbling hes going to be the lead back going forward.